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Feb 3rd, 7:00pm fruit and twig identification

On February 3rd, at 7:00pm Herbal Study will meet at Yoga Shala. Located at 7 Kirkland Ave. Clinton, NY 13323.

Identification of native trees doesn’t have to end in fall when the leaves drop for winter.

Thanks to William Harlow and his excellent book “Fruit and Twig ID”, we can continue to learn the identities and features of trees all year long. In this Herbal Study Group, we will examine a variety of twigs collected from trees around the area and learn their identifying features. This will be for deciduous trees only, trees whose leaves fall each year, not evergreens. The book covers native trees of our region and some widespread introduced species, like Norway Maple, but generally doesn’t cover landscaping trees, like Japanese Maple.

Participants are welcome to bring their own twigs in to try and identify. A good twig specimen would be growth pruned fresh from the tree, growth which grew during the previous growing season (spring and summer), and would ideally come from an area of the tree that gets sun exposure or is growing vigorously. If collecting twigs for the class, try to remain conscious of where the tree is putting on new growth. Usually trees don’t waste energy making extra growth, they are filling gaps in their canopies to maximize photosynthesis. Do you best to not inhibit that growth. One helpful idea is to prune vigorous interior branches which are crossing if available.

This class will be taught by Andrew Sblendorio. He will bring copies of Harlow’s book “Fruit Key & Twig Key to Trees & Shrubs”for you to purchase if you’d like to continue to study after the class. The books are small and very affordable.

Yoga Shala is a bit hidden and Google maps may take you in circles. Drive into the parking lot between Agway and historic building and drive towards the laundromat. Go past the laundry mat and look for the sign that says “Yoga Shala parking”. Turn left behind the building and you are there.  Please do not park in front of the laundromat. Masks not necessary.

In addition to twig ID by Andrew Sblendorio, Dan Rudolph will be holding a short juggling demonstration if anyone wants to bring along a few of balls or even a pair of socks.


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