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Councilman Joe Marino Announces Community Meeting Schedule

Utica, NY –  Finance Committee Chairman, Joe Marino has scheduled to bring the budget to all corners of the City and each of the Neighborhood meetings starting next week.  The Committee members and other Council people will be on hand to answer questions and listen to suggestions.

The schedule is as follows:

North Utica

February 26, 2018 –    6:30pm at the North Utica Neighborhood Association meeting.

                                    North Utica Senior Center

                                    50 Riverside Drive Utica, NY 13502

West Utica 

February 28, 2018 –    7:00pm at the West Utica Neighborhood Association meeting.

                                    WestSide Senior Center

                                    717 Court Street Utica, NY 13501

East Utica

March 5, 2018 –          6:30pm at the East Utica Neighborhood Association meeting.

                                            Mr. Carmel School, Salerno Room.  

                                          644 Jay St.  Utica, NY  13501


South Utica

March 12, 2018 –         6:00pm at the South Utica Neighborhood Association meeting.

                                    Our Lady Of Lourdes School

                                    11 Barton Avenue, Utica, NY 13502 – Barton Ave. Entrance.

Councilman Marino stated “The main objective of bringing our Committee, with the budget, to the public is to get feedback that can actually make a difference.  For the past six years we have brought this process to the people before it is official so people can actually affect change as opposed to just hearing a presentation that thy are forced to live with.”


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