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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney Condemns Use of Eminent Domain on Hospital Territory

Washington, DC— Today, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) condemned the use of eminent domain for the proposed downtown Utica hospital site:

“Politicians in the state and some on the local level have a long record of abusing taxpayer money by using that money to prop up one private business over another. Declaring eminent domain—which allows the government to forcibly take privately held property from one owner and hand that property over to another private entity—in the proposed Downtown Utica Hospital footprint is an equally egregious taking of Constitutionally protected rights. The ability of our citizens to own and control private property is a cornerstone principle of our Constitutional Republic and this very principle preserves our freedom and sets our country apart from nearly all others. The protection of property rights appears in the Constitution more than any other right,” said Congresswoman Tenney.

“Government should never be in businesses of picking winners and losers. In New York, we’ve seen billions of our precious tax dollars funneled through non-profits and other mechanisms to fund cronyist schemes that pit entrenched politicians and their friends against small businesses, who create nearly 70 percent of all new jobs. This is all being done under the guise of ‘economic development’, yet our region and New York trail the nation in economic development gains in spite of the billions in tax money (four times more spent than any other state in the nation) allegedly being spent for this purpose.”

“Now, self-serving politicians are going even further, forcing multi-generational, taxpaying businesses out of our community. This is not only a costly undertaking for businesses, this could force many to the brink of bankruptcy. These businesses are among the few left which contributes to our shrinking tax base, to worthy charitable causes in our region and many have been staples in our community for generations.”

“Investing in health care is vitally important to our region.  Using health care as a reason to create economic development will not enhance the quality of care, nor will it provide the vital boost that we need to grow our economy.”

“Local leaders should pause to ask for public input and work with private businesses in the area to find a solution that best serves the needs of those in our community. The public must be involved in this important debate and taxpaying business owners must have the opportunity to make this decision that is best for their continued survival,” concluded Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.



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