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Committee of One Challenges OD and SEQR Process

Committee of One wrote:
In Frank Montecalvo’s recent article in the Utica Phoenix, we can’t  help but note that the SEQR process is usually done in a systematic way in the early planning stages of any project. This was missing  from the OD article.  This SEQR stage was done after selection of a site and public comments then took place.

The SEQR process should have compared the St. Luke’s site and the  downtown site in detail before a site was selected. This seem to be  missing from the OD article also..

Not involving the public fully in a major issue. This putting the cart before the horse would seem to disqualify the  whole project.

The OD is supposed to be in the business of truth, even if  inconvenient.  Apparently, the truth about the downtown hospital site selection is only one in which the OD shares perspectives which are positive toward the downtown hospital. This is very unfortunate.

Committee Of One

Note: We hope the OD will make some positive changes in management  soon.


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