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CENTRO to reduce bus fare, eliminate free transfers in 2022

If you regularly ride CENTRO buses, you can expect some changes in the new year.

Currently, a one-way fare with CENTRO bus service is $2 and it comes with a free transfer. The bus service will reduce the one-way fair to $1 and eliminate free transfers. Officials said that will benefit the vast majority of riders.

“Now, only about 20% of our customers transferred in between buses. We really want to get people on the buses. We really want to have affordable and consistent user-friendly public transportation. This is the right step in that direction,” said Steve Koegel, vice president of communications and business planning for CENTRO.

What You Need To Know

  • Centro will no longer sell 20-Ride or 30-Ride passes in Syracuse or offer free transfers for customers in any of its service locations
  • Centro will continue to offer half fares for seniors, individuals with a disability, and children 6-9
  • The proposed new fare system, along with information on how to register for the public meetings, is available here.

The new plan aligns bus fares in all ties served by CENTRO.

“It’s going to be a one-price-fits-all for all of our communities. Previously, we’ve had different prices for Syracuse, Utica, Rome, Auburn, Oswego and Fulton,” Koegel said.

“I think it’s good, give more people a chance to get to doctors, shopping and to help people make appointments, so i think it’s a good thing,” said Jim Zagnoni.

CENTRO is also simplifying its pass options.

“We’re going to offer a day pass, which is one price, ride all day long, as many times as you want. We’ll have a weekly pass. One price, ride as many times as you want for a week,” said Koegel.

And there will be a 10-ride pass, a 10-pack for the price of 10 ten rides.

“The only thing that will be different is that we do have some long-haul services that get people from Syracuse to Oswego and from Syracuse to Auburn. Those are going to be $3 rides,” Koegel said.

Day passes and unlimited ride passes will also be available to individuals who commute between Auburn and Syracuse and Oswego and Syracuse.

“If you’re coming from Oswego, for $7, you can ride all the way to Syracuse, ride around as much as you want in Syracuse and get back to Oswego the same day for $7,” Koegel said.

The same fare will apply to those commuting between Auburn and Syracuse.

“We’re now going to set up public comment periods where people can comment via social media. They can call us, they can write us, send us an email,” Koegel said.

Public hearings for fare changes will be held next year in January and February. Koegel said due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hearings will most likely be virtual.

The tentative start date for the new fare changes is March 7.



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