The Gray Man

Movie Review: Ryan Gosling Excels in the Spy/Thriller ‘The Gray Man’

By Arpit Nayak | Columnist  Action is among the most loved genres of film. With time, the definition of action has changed, and with technology, it has become more exciting and visually stunning. Many filmmakers...

Film Review: Adam Sandler is on Top in the Feel-Good Sports Drama ‘Hustle’

By Arpit Nayak | Contributor  Sports as a subject has often been explored in cinema; it’s something widely accepted and loved by the audience. With time, many storytellers have attempted the format, and the newly...

Film Review: ‘Men’ an Arthouse Exploit Whose Style Upends its Story

By Matt DeCristo  “Men” earns the distinction of being the only film I have ever walked out on. And at a running time of a mere 100 minutes, that’s saying something. The pacing is fine....

Movies: ‘The Batman’ Dark and Episodic; Pattinson and Kravitz Shine

By Mark Ziobro | Managing Editor  With the sheer legendary status that Christopher Nolan garnered from his “Dark Knight” trilogy, it’s often hard to think of Batman in a new light. Part of that lies,...

Editorial: Fighting Against Anti-LGBTQ Injustice

By Mark Ziobro | Managing Editor  The egregious ‘Parental Rights in Education’ bill, dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill by its opponents, has passed the Florida Senate this past week.  The bill, which restricts talk of...
Marry Me

Movie Review: ‘Marry Me’ a Sweet Valentine’s Day Surprise from Wilson and Lopez

By Mark Ziobro | Managing Editor  The biggest surprise about the Jennifer Lopez/Owen Wilson romance “Marry Me” released this past February is that it’s unmistakably sweet. As with most romantic comedies, it has an angle....

Editorial: The Moral Imperative of Ukraine

By Mark Ziobro | Managing Editor  The news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine under Putin has taken the world by storm. It’s easy, I think, to categorize an event like this and liken it to...

Movie Review: ‘Scream’

By Matt Christopher  In 1996, the slasher/horror genre was revitalized with Wes Craven’s blockbuster “Scream.” The film featured hot young stars of the era. It also introduced the iconic Ghostface killer, who joined Jason, Freddy,...

At the Movies — Must-See Anniversary Film Releases You Shouldn’t Miss

- by Eamon Handzel Globally speaking, things aren’t exactly looking fantastic. The Omicron Covid variant is ripping across the world, the US is seeing record heat waves, western economies are in a somewhat questionable state,...

At the Movies

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” is a fun reboot that ushers a new generation into the classic franchise. The 2021 film serves as the next chapter in a series that started in 1984. The original “Ghostbusters” lands...