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Attention Parents and Older Siblings! For the Good, Inc. Set to Host Free Book Giveaway September 7

You want your kids to read, but buying new books is expensive, and younger children sometimes have difficulty keeping calm and quiet at the library. For the Good, Inc. has the solution. Bring your child to the celebration in the garden this Friday, Sept. 7, and let them pick out a book from our bookshelf while enjoying the outdoors. 

There is a wide selection for very young readers, offering a variety of characters and storylines to suit your child’s interests. Monster Math Picnic by Grace Maccarone features ten brightly colored, friendly monsters gathered for a picnic in the park. The book is designed to help your child with both reading and counting skills. Other books for very young readers can introduce your child to a character they might relate to. Joyce Durham Barrett’s Willie’s Not the Hugging Kind tells the story of a young boy who would like to hug his family and trusted friends, but has declared himself “not the hugging kind.” In the end, Willie learns it is okay to hug his mother and father. If your child is interested in poetry, be sure to snag him or her our only copy of I Like it Here at School. This book is a collection of twenty-six child friendly poems. 

While there is a lot for very young or beginning readers, those who need something a little more advanced will not be left out. Children of any age are welcome to select a book for young children to read to younger siblings, cousins, and family friends. Those who would like to choose something for themselves to read can select books such as The Beast in Ms. Rooney’s Room by Patricia Reilly Giff. This book was published in 1984. If your child is full of questions about the similarities and differences between childhood now and childhood back when the adults in their lives were children, this might be the book for them. It tells the story of Richard Best, nicknamed “Beast,” and his struggles to continue to fit in at school when he is held back in second grade when he feels he should have been promoted to third.

Is your child interested in life in an even earlier time? Perhaps they would like a copy of Natalie Savage Carlson’s The Family Under the Bridge. This novel was originally published in 1958. It is for more advanced readers, and those who would like to encourage their child to read more advanced books. It is the story of Armand, an old man who lives under a bridge in Paris, and the children he learns to care about. 

Would diving into a series encourage your child to read? We even have selections from the classic pre-teen series The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins. Your child can choose Sweet Valley Twins: The Haunted House, or the Babysitters Club The Truth about Stacey or Mary Anne Saves the Day. 

If a child in your family is the first to choose one of the books mentioned here, they can take home a free copy of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.

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