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Assemblywoman Buttenschon recognizes 31st Anniversary of Bosnia and Herzegovina independence Day

ALBANY: The New York State Assembly recognized March 1 st as being Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day. This year it is the 31st anniversary for this state holiday.
Bosnian-American Community Association (BACA) was witness to this recognition on the New York State Assembly floor on March 1. Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon formally announced BACA andintroduced three successful Bosnian community members to the New York State Assembly.
The Assembly Resolution designates March 1st as Bosnian Independence Day in the State of New York.
During the session, the speaker welcomed BACA to Albany.
The community members included from BACA include a successful business owner, Osman Ruznic, assistant teaching professor, Mirza Tihic and police officer Dino Jukic.
Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon hosted BACA in Albany and had the honor to announce the group on the Assembly floor. Not only did the group get to witness the recognition, but they also received a tour of theNew York State Capitol Building on behalf of Assemblywoman Buttenschon.
Bosnian Independence Day is a public holiday observed by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to celebrate the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
In 1992, citizens of the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina overwhelmingly voted for the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina via referendum. The results of the referendum were accepted on Mar.6th, 1992 by the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina and on Apr. 7, 1992, the European Community recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina as an independent state.
On February 28, 1995 the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia deemed March 1st as a national holiday and the official Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina
This is a time for celebration, and for our community to show its thanks for all of the opportunities that Utica has given us, and to share our culture with others,” said President of the BACA board, Hanka Grabovica.

“I want to thank BACA and all of its members for choosing the Mohawk Valley as their home. Each one of the members and their families have worked to enhance our community culturally, economically, and personally.” said Assemblywoman Buttenschon.
“We have reached a point in the evolution of our presence in Utica where we are an important part of our city, and we welcome all those who wish to partake in the richness of our culture,” said President of the BACA board, Grabovica.


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