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Complaint Filed over Alleged Altercation Outside Observer Dispatch

This evening, roughly 45 Trump supporters held a demonstration outside of the Observer Dispatch on Oriskany St. The conservative group was protesting against what they call “fake news” and chose the OD as their location. Their contention is that media has played a part in allegedly stealing the election from President Trump as more and more ballots are being counted. The protesters continually shouted, “Don’t let them steal the election”, “We still have him for four more years”, and “Legally cast ballots only”. Many cars honked in support and some drivers shouted profanities at the conservatives.   


Eventually, a lone BLM protester silently stood opposite the Trump Supporters across the road. As the conservative protesters started leaving around 5:30pm, 3 more BLM protesters showed up. These BLM protesters were matched by another small group of lingering Trump supporters.  

Both groups appeared to be paying little attention to each other by sundown. At some point later on, more BLM supporters arrived to join the ones already present. One of the BLM supporters claims that a Trump supporter engaged the BLM group in verbal dispute. Allegedly, the arguing became heated and the Trump Supporter sprayed mace into the face of a BLM woman. Whether or not the spraying was defensive has yet to be determined. The extent of the injury, and other particulars such as who instigated the altercation also has yet to be determined. Apparently, the woman who was sprayed has filed a complaint with the Utica PD and an anonymous source has stated that there is video evidence. More information is expected to be released soon.  


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