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UMHA AmeriCorps Seeking New Members

By John Furman

Are you looking to make change that you wish to see in the world? Then Utica Municipal Housing Authority AmeriCorps is the place for you. AmeriCorps is a paid volunteer position to help those in need facing challenges in housing, job readiness, financial literacy, or those in need of veteran services. To serve with AmeriCorps is to face obstacles that many are unwilling to face.
The Utica Municipal Housing Authority AmeriCorps Program is seeking dedicated, committed, and passionate people who want to change society one person at a time.
According to Francesca D’Ambro, AmeriCorps Program Manager: “One of the greatest aspects of UMHA AmeriCorps is our dedication to the homeless individuals we serve. For example, an individual was living in the woods until our homeless street outreach worker had made contact with him. Although this homeless individual was apprehensive for help at first, our homeless street outreach worker was persistent and attentive to the needs this individual had, including finding safe, affordable housing. Other AmeriCorps members have helped in coordinating services, such as care management, for this individual to provide wrap-around care. Helping individuals such as these make serving with AmeriCorps gratifying “
The AmeriCorps program is ideal for people with gaps in employment, returning people to the workforce, youth, retired people, recent college graduates, people seeking a career change, and retirees. AmeriCorps Members may collect unemployment while enrolled in the program so long as they are ready and willing to accept employment
AmeriCorps members are paid volunteers who learn paraprofessional helping skills while they help disabled youth, refugees, veterans, homeless, and people in poverty in a year of service to the nation.
The program offer post-program job placement help and career ladder programs. Its graduates have obtained employment in the government, non-profit, and private sectors.
John Furman, the UMHA Director of Programs, said: “Our program serves as a national replication poverty reduction model program that has effectively reached its program outcomes each year. A recent evaluation noted that it delivers high quality services and makes a difference in helping people transform their lives. The program, which is now in its 12th year, has been awarded additional positions and is ready to recruit new AmeriCorps members now. Members work at UMHA public housing sites, community agencies, and Upstate Cerebral Palsy.”
The UMHA has both full-time, part-time, day and evening positions. The program offers a college scholarship upon completion of the program, child care, student loan forbearance, and mileage reimbursement.
Full-time members receive stipend of $ 549 every 2 weeks before taxes. Part-time members are paid a prorated amount Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. AmeriCorps is a second chance employer and encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to apply.
Ms. D’Ambro continued: “To be the change that America needs right now is to serve with UMHA AmeriCorps. There are people in need right now more than ever. “
Applicants may email their resume to or complete an application at the UMHA offices, Perretta Twin Towers, 509 Second Street. Please call John Furman at 315.982.3731 or Frances D’Ambro. 315.734.0183 for further information.


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