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The Secrets of Becoming a Successful Business Owner

By Dr. Pat Laino

Imagine that you could have a conversation with several successful business owners who would tell you how they succeed in business. They will share with you advise that can prepare you to put into action a way of life to start-up and operate a business never before imagined. It is my hope, as the author, to help ease the thorny path of starting your business in today’s entrepreneurial arena by sharing the secrets of business success. 

I have trained and coached thousands of aspiring business owners and I often wondered why some of them succeed and others fail in business. I have asked myself this question many times over the past two decades while teaching, coaching, and mentoring an array of aspiring entrepreneurs of all races, nationalities and income levels. I will now reveal to you how the successful business person envisions, creates and launches their business and go on to grow rich.

Those most successful in business seem to share one trait, which is their strong belief that they will succeed no matter what obstacles get in their way.  Once they set their mind on starting, they do not hesitate to move on with a passion unsurpassed by anyone or anything. Their belief is so strong that they tend to excel in every situation as they go on to grow.  

Successful business owners:

• Set their expectations high and raise the bar at every opportunity.

• Find a product or service that their customers can’t live without.

• Motivate employees to do even better.

• Create the right goals and let nothing get in their way.

• Have a habit of discovering new and unique strategies for growth.

• Find enough customers and take exceptional care of them. 

• Link productivity and profits to total customer satisfaction         .

There is a common theme that runs throughout the practical tips to succeed in business and that is that you must have a written Business Plan that works and the business skills to successfully implement it!  You will have a better chance of succeeding in business if you research and create your very own Business Plan. You must have a Plan if you are going to a bank or other financial institution to secure a loan to start-up or expand your business because without this Plan you are doomed. 

Successful entrepreneurs have a 100% work capacity and feed into this by being receptive to new ideas to grow their operations.  They consider new products or services and keep constantly updated with what’s happening in their part of the business world. In my twenty years of training aspiring entrepreneurs, I can’t recall hearing a potentially successful one saying that they expected to fail; it’s just not in their vocabulary. Many times when an entrepreneur maintains a destructive attitude because they are thinking that there are going to fail, it ends coming true and they have to “close the doors”. 

Eliminate these phrases from your thoughts if you want to succeed such as; I can’t do it, it won’t work, don’t bother trying or it’s impossible. When there is a problem, successful business owners tend to take a negative situation and turn it into some positive such as: I don’t have enough money” and they quickly change it to: I’m going to make more money. Negative statements are quickly changed into positive actions and this is the successful entrepreneur’s way of thinking. Now maybe it doesn’t always work but at least they try! Icons in the business world stay excited about what they are selling, believe in it and become an expert in their field and that’s how it’s done! 

If you want to learn how to really start a business, then enroll in my entrepreneur training program that’s starting soon. You can call (315) 733 9848 and ask for Dr. Pat.

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