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State News: BFU-NYS Mutual Aid | Support for Buffalo

Following the attack in Buffalo, it feels appropriate to shout out members doing work right now to support the collective healing of Buffalo’s Black and brown communities. 
Here are a few ways to support your fellow members:
This information comes from posts, emails, and texts.
Buffalo Freedom Gardens
Buffalo Go Green
Community of Good Neighbors
Food for The Spirit’s Buffalo Food Equity Network
Other members in Buffalo
Although I reached out to several different members who work and live in Buffalo, I am not sure what other things are happening in the city as a form of direct aid. I still want to shout out those other members who may need or want support!
  • Alexander Wright owns Blegacy Farms; he operates in Buffalo and other areas.
  • Ms. Della Miller is a fierce food justice advocate promoting home gardening and growing as one of many means to empower ourselves.
  • Pamela (Pam) James owns West Valley Farms and Camp Sites. She also does extensive work with youth in Buffalo.

Mark Ziobro
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