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Slovakia First EU Nation to Formally Approve Ivermectin to Both Prevent & Treat COVID-19

Originally printed on TrialSite News


The Slovakia Republic’s Minister of Health has formerly registered Ivermectin as an approved prophylaxis and treatment for SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19.

In breaking news, the authorization occurred yesterday as doctors received the news that they could proceed with formally authorized prescriptions both in hospitals and outpatient.

On January 26, Health Minister Marek Krajci granted a permit for the unregistered drug as the drug has already been in use on a compassionate basis over the past half year. TrialSite interviewed Ondrej Halgas, a researcher from University of Toronto and originally from Slovakia.

Halgas has been actively involved with a network organizing and lobbying for the drug’s approval during the pandemic. This landlocked Eastern European nation of 5.4 million people, a member of the European Union since 2004, just made history.

A biochemist with the University of Toronto, Mr. Halgas, was just also showcased in a recent press release on this subject. TrialSite was able to get in touch with him to learn more.

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