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Sen. Griffo Weekly Column: Griffo Urges Common Sense Energy Policies

New York State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-I-C-Rome, today reiterated calls for common-sense energy policies, following the release of the Climate Action Council’s (CAC) Final “Scoping Plan.” This flawed energy agenda could have devastating consequences for energy consumers, the electric grid and the entire state economy.    

A draft version of the CAC’s Scoping Plan contained efforts to eliminate reliable, affordable sources of energy. Natural gas hookups and services, as well as those from propane and heating oil, are vital for New Yorkers — especially in rural communities and during harsh winters — and cutting off these dependable sources of energy would be costly to residents and businesses and ineffective on a global scale.   

The CAC’s blueprint included:  

  • No new gas service to existing buildings, beginning in 2030;  
  • No natural gas within newly constructed buildings, beginning in 2025;  
  • No new natural gas appliances for home heating, cooking, water heating, clothes drying beginning in 2035;  
  • No gasoline-automobile sales by 2035; and  
  • Installing onsite solar or joining a community renewables program by 2040.  

New Yorkers initially had until June 10, 2022, to submit formal public comments on the proposed energy plan. Thousands of comments by hardworking residents and business owners were submitted in opposition to these disastrous policies and as result the submission deadline was extended to July 1, 2022.  

In March, the Senate Republican Conference addressed the Energy Affordability Crisis and the urgent need for New Yorkers’ voices to be heard on Albany’s plans to increase energy costs in Albany. More than 18,000 public comments were submitted.  

“The Climate Action Council’s Final Scoping Plan once again shows a negative consequence of elected officials relinquishing their power by establishing nonelected boards of individuals to make major policy decisions that will affect more than 19 million New Yorkers,” Sen. Griffo said. 

“This unsettling and concerning approach and plan will result in onerous burdens placed on people that will be difficult to overcome. While I appreciate and understand the need to embrace clean energy, as the former chair of the Senate’s Energy Committee, I advocated the importance of New York possessing a diversified energy portfolio. As I have said in the past, we must not put all of our eggs in one basket. We also must remain mindful of the mistakes made by other states that have moved to become too reliant on certain green energy sources and have undertaken such actions in an unrealistic and unreasonable time period and manner. Taking unilateral action — as opposed to universal action — doesn’t address or resolve energy concerns in any significant or sustainable way. Common-sense solutions and a cost-effective and pragmatic approach are needed.”  

*Column submitted by the office of Joseph Griffo. 

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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