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Prayers for Utica

A peaceful, masked, and socially distant gathering of people of faith.  We met in August in Kemble Park, and we are gathering again in Oneida Square on Sunday September 26 at 3 PM.

The Interfaith Coalition of Greater Utica is gathering in prayer for the city, for the people and to stand for change. There is a storm of violence, with drug overdoses, injury, death and fear in its wake. The storm will not leave Utica after one gathering.  We will need to come together again and again.  While we can gather outdoors safely, let’s do that.  When it is too cold, let’s gather online.  When we can, let’s come together in our Houses of Worship. 

None of us can remove or change the cloud alone; together we can share prayers, insights, ideas, and courage.  Together, we can bring some light to the community living in fear.

Please join me in person, or in prayer.

Rev. Jill Farnham-Us

Interfaith Coalition of Greater Utica




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