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November Herbal Study on the 6th

This month herbal study group will meet:
Wednesday November 6th at 6:30PM at The Other Side 2011 Genesee Street.

This month, we will hear about White Cedar, also known as, “The Tree of Life”. The Chippewa Indians burned twigs of this plant to disinfect a house containing Small Pox.

In Homeopathy it goes by the name Thuja and has been used by homeopaths
since the 1800’s to treat what they called vaccinosis, bad effects from vaccinations. We will discuss its use in remedying bad reactions to vaccines.
White Cedar has anti-viral and immune-modulating properties….and we’re just getting started on Thuja’s uses.

The class is free of charge and all are welcome.

Please email if you have any questions pencil@riseup.net.

-Pete Bianco


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