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New Column On Grief, Loss and Addiction Coming to the Phoenix

Dave Roberts: Leader for The Compassionate Friends of Mohawk Valley

My name is Dave Roberts. I became a parent who experienced the death of a child after my daughter Jeannine died of cancer on 3/1/03 at the age of 18. I am a retired addiction professional and am also an adjunct professor in the psychology and psychology-child life departments at Utica College, Utica, New York.I am the chapter leader for The Compassionate Friends of the Mohawk Valley, an organization that supports families who have experienced the death of a child, of any age and from any cause.I am a Huffington Post contributor and a contributing author for The Open to Hope Foundation. I have also been published on numerous other online grief sites and in the Recovering the Self Journal. I have been a national workshop presenter and keynote speaker on grief particularly as it relates to the death of a child. I am also a featured speaker, workshop presenter and coach for Aspire Place ( website: is devoted to providing support and resources for individuals experiencing loss.

As a former addiction professional, I have worked with some brilliant creative individuals.  Also, as a parent who has experienced the death of a child, I am also aware of the pain and disorientation that is inherent to families and friends dealing with the aftermath of an event that defies the natural order of the universe.I look forward in the coming months to sharing my thoughts in a series of articles for The Utica Phoenix, related to grief and loss, and addiction.

There is an importance of remembering their lives beyond the addiction and the creative gifts and talents of individuals who are addicted, gifts and talents that are overshadowed by the person’s ongoing dance with addiction.
Wishing you peace.

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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