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Naturopathic Resources in Hamilton, NY

Hamilton, N.Y. – Naturopathic Resources, located in the beautiful village of Hamilton, NY, is all about what the healing power of nature can do for you. Our philosophy embraces the immutable natural laws and forces in nature. We view each individual’s natural healing process as structured, ordered, intelligent, and that your body has an inherent ability to restore itself to optimal health.


Naturopathic Resources can help you to empower yourself with this ancient but timeless knowledge. Our natural health programs work with the organizing power of nature and are designed according to the rhythms and cycles of nature. Holistic health protocols add continuity, focus, and clarity to your daily life.


Naturopathic Resources is now in its second generation, and we are more than ever excited and passionate to provide holistic therapies that really work. We strive to embrace the latest scientific discoveries while maintaining our commitment to understanding the fundamental laws of nature.


Our services include clinical nutrition, therapeutic clay mud packs, quantum reflex analysis, homeopathy, distribution of vitamin and herbal supplements, and mitochondriac training. We also will be expanding our scope of practice to include soft tissue manipulation, acupressure, and gas discharge visualization. We will begin offering medical massage and acupressure sessions in October 2018.


Luke Marshall (MSACN, LMT) is a passionate therapist that is interested in holistic health and enabling clients to achieve their optimal wellness goals. He graduated with honors from two Suny Morrisville programs – health promotion & human performance, and massage therapy. He then continued on to earn his master’s degree in applied clinical nutrition from New York Chiropractic College. For over a decade, Luke has been working with clients at his holistic practice, Naturopathic Resources. He is available for speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops as his schedule will permit.


Visit our website today at and find us on social media to learn more. You can also email us at or call 315-824-3007 to connect with us or set up an appointment. Let us help you experience your own nature.




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