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Mayor’s Office Issues Statement on Charlestown Mall Fire

Due to the cooperation and collaboration between the Utica and Frankfort Center
Fire Departments, as well as other Fire Departments throughout the region, the fire
at the former Charlestown Mall has been contained to the complex.
There are no injuries to residents or Fire personnel at this time.
While the fire has been contained within the complex, the City of Utica is
declaring a State of Emergency as the structure of the building is compromised and
poses a threat to public safety.
Several road closures in the immediate area of the Charlestown Mall are in effect
and the public should avoid traveling in this area. All Utica residents are still
advised to keep their windows and doors closed until further notice.

Jess Szabo
Jess Szabohttp://uticaphoenix.com
Jess Szabo' is a novelist, writing teacher, and content writer for Utica area artists. Her online workspace can be found at www.artistcafe315.com

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