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LTE Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
B. B. King said, “I can’t think of anyone I’ve mistreated. I’ve always thought that I am my brother’s keeper.” It’s a sentiment which I agree with and which I also thought others agreed with as well.
But it seems that I am wrong. During this pandemic time, when the world is convulsed by a lethal virus, here in the USA, wearing a cloth covering on your face, i.e. a mask, is optional. Even with the incontrovertible evidence that masks may slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others, many people choose to not wear it or wear it incorrectly.
When I venture out, which is about twice a week, I see people wearing masks with their noses exposed or, even worse, the mask hovering around their chins which is effectively not wearing a mask at all. And the retailers and shop owners seem to not be inclined to enforce the ‘must wear a mask’ rule.
My husband and I are in our seventies with multiple long-term conditions and we have limited ourselves to any unnecessary activities which may expose us to the virus. However, we must shop on occasion.
So here is my plea: Be like B. B. Be your brother’s keeper and wear a mask.

Judy Jerome


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