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Local News: ‘We Dissent’ Rally Held in Front of Rep. Claudia Tenney’s Office (Pictures)

WHAT: On June 24, 2022, nearly 150 people from across the Mohawk Valley protested the terrible decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization by the radical Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the 50 year old Roe v. Wade court case.  The demonstration was peaceful, law-abiding, and non-violent in front of Rep. Tenney’s office at 430 Court Street in Utica at 5-6pm.

Although 70% of Americans support freedom and privacy of a pregnant person to make her own decisions about her body with her doctor, Rep. Tenney does not. She is aligned with the dangerous, radical Supreme Court that is closing the doors on our rights and freedoms. 

The protest, organized immediately following the release of the SCOTUS decision earlier in the day by Indivisible Mohawk Valley, drew parents, grandparents, children, and youth who value the right of women and girls to make decisions that are right for their bodies and their lives. Judging by the constant honks of vehicles driving by, we are in the majority. 

“When courts instead of people who can get pregnant and physicians make the decisions, people die. This is the first time SCOTUS has ever taken away a core constitutional right previously granted in opposition to the majority of the American public.  We all love someone who has had or will need an abortion, and we know that it is a health care option every person should have,”  said Jen DeWeerth, Clinton, an organizer of the protest.  

“Women and girls don’t deserve this,” said Holly Reeske, age 6 of Clinton, who led a chant with those words.  Indivisible Mohawk Valley agrees with Holly that women and girls deserve better and we will continue to organize in Oneida and Herkimer counties to show everyone who believes like we do that they have power even during times like these. We must elect a Democrat to be our next member of Congress and stop a radical Republican Congress from passing a national ban on abortion that impacts even those of us who live in New York.   

Mark Ziobro
Mark Ziobrohttps://uticaphoenixnet.wpcomstaging.com
Mark is the current Managing Editor for The Utica Phoenix, and a Central New York Native.

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