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Letter to the Editor: Reflections on Brandon Williams’ town hall

by Kevin Hoehn, Rome, NY

I attended the recent town hall in Rome hosted by Rep. Brandon Williams on April 11th. The audience was given the opportunity to ask questions via note cards which were handled by a moderator.

Gun violence was the lead topic. Our country has experienced 168 mass shootings already this year, averaging 2 per day. The topic also dominates the local news with shootings and illegal weapons on the streets.

Basically Rep. Williams’ view is that this is a mental health problem and he stands by the 2nd Amendment. I found his answer to this question meandering, vague, and offering no solutions or plan of action.

In other questions he incorrectly stated the potency of fentanyl, earnestly declared he could run the Federal Reserve better than Chairman Jerome Powell, and was unconvinced about taxing millionaires and billionaires fairly like the rest of us. 

He is also breaking his campaign promise to move and live in our district.

NY 22 can do better than Representative Williams.

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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