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Marty Droz Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

  The Government overreach with this Covid thing, has gotten far out of hand. Now they want to force you to inject an unknown concoction into your body. If you don’t you may be denied travel, college, recreational opportunities or even your job. No one knows the long term consequences of this injection.

  Where is the outrage?  This is worse than any Jim Crow discrimination. Where are the modern day Freedom Fighters? Louis Farrakhan was right when he warned of this vaccine. In return, he was silenced.

Join modern day Patriots such as Robert Kennedy Jr, who are trying to promote discussion on “vaccines”. If you speak up with an opposing view you are ridiculed and cancelled. This is not the American way. This is the way of the Soviet Union. The people who want their liberties back in Cuba, shout USA, USA, they don’t cry out to the USSR. No one has the right to tell you what to inject into your body.

   This is not about safety, it is about Control. Don’t allow them to take what God has given you, Freedom. Although these wannabe tyrants never talk about it, you were born with a miraculous immune system. take care of it. There is no chemical concoction that can begin to protect you like it does. What ever happened to “My Body, My Choice” the battle cry of so many women who didn’t want their own children? Where is their outrage? This should unite us all as Americans. Every tyrant tells you to give up your God given Freedoms in order to “help” others.

   This is a Lie. That is Communism/Socialism. Once you go down that path, the Country descends into darkness. If you want to live like that, go to Cuba. Millions would rejoice to take your place. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is what we are given here. Today, there is an assault against all three. Make a stand, if you decide you don’t want the jab, don’t take it. Stand for Freedom or kneel to tyranny. Your Choice.


Martin Droz

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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