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Juice feated on Saturday Sizzle

UTICA – On Staurday, November 9th, DJ Chemical Kain and DJ JEasy hosted the band, Juice on their Saturday Sizzle program (12 -2PM Saturdays). Juice, a group of young musicians who got together at Boston College – bring different backgrounds and ethnicities to their music – R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, & Rock – and they’re all classically trained. They were easily the most multicultural group residing on the pristine BC campus during their tenure.
All “Berklee College of Music wannabes”, their parents insisted they “get an education.” Despite that, they ended up travelling in a rock band anyway. Juice headed from Ithaca to Utica on Nov. 9th, only to turn around and head to Syracuse the same night, where they performed.
Laura Sher, executive producer of Says You! says, “I’ve partied at Juice concerts, in Boston dives and armories stuffed with21 plusses from wall to wall all dancing and singing along with every lyric” adding “there was not a still foot in the room.”
To boot, Juice was featured on the Today Show last fall. These guys are on an upward trajectory and they deserve to be. They are genuine and appealing – as musicians and as humans.


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