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Hillary Rodham Clinton in Man’s World

Cassandra Harris-Lockwood

By C. Harris-Lockwood

There are few women and fewer men who can imagine what it is like to be a woman to dare to achieve in a ‘Man’s World.’ And there is no other woman I can think of who has done as much or come as far as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I have considerable experience in this area. Having been the first female construction worker in New York State in 1971 and the first woman to drive Hansom Cab in New York City in 1974, I know first-hand what it is like to have to ‘duke it out’ and prove yourself in a

male dominated industry.

What the heck, here in Utica in the world of media, I remain the first and only female founder/editor of a print publication in Upstate NY that I know of and I and it ain’t been easy.

The cut throat game of politics, I know, is a whole other realm.

Technically, Hillary has come through the ‘good ole boy’ net

Hillary Rodham Clinton

work. She has had to maneuver through a system developed by men and for men at the exclusion of women.

You must remember that our representative system of government was fashioned after the Haudenosaunne or Iroquois representative system of government, the Good Mind. The only thing they left out was women, Clan Mothers, choosing the Chiefs.

I remember having to suffer through and the sex jokes and insults of women during my ‘on the job training’ in both fields. And things haven’t changed in the almost 50 years since then.

Actually, in the relatively new realm of Silicon Valley it may even be worse.

In an excerpt from her new book in the Cut, Ellen Pao opens with a scene that may be similar to many women in male-dominated industries. On a plane in which Pao was the only woman among her all-male colleagues and bosses, a CEO who was also travelling with them, began talking about porn and asking the other men what type of sex workers they prefer.

I imagine Hillary has heard her share of off putting gender remarks in her many years ‘in the saddle’ and thrown some ‘manly man’ elbows during the course of time.

Utica Phoenix Staff
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