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Griffo statement on Albany Dysfunction

“The budget is late, and the dysfunction of the legislative majorities and the executive is on full display in Albany. 

Despite having total control of state government, being politically and philosophically aligned and having an unprecedented amount of money to spend, they still cannot come to an agreement on how to allocate taxpayer dollars. There is no excuse for this delay, especially when you consider everything has been in their favor during this year’s budget process. 

This inability to get things done further magnifies the dangers of one-party rule in government and the disorder that has resulted because of it. 

I have warned about the negative effect that this total control would have on our state and how a lack of checks and balances would be detrimental. Sadly, we have seen the damaging consequences of such control over the last several years. As I have said before, while we live in New York State, we now exist in a state of flux. 

The legislative majorities and governor have taken a tax-and-spend mentality and approach when it comes to the state’s economy and financial future. They have implemented policies that protect and support criminals more than victims and law-abiding citizens and have made it more difficult and burdensome to do business and grow companies and jobs in the state.  

As thousands flee New York and the state continues to rank high in all the wrong categories, it is clear the majorities are out of touch with the needs, concerns and priorities of hardworking New Yorkers and their families. 

Welcome to the late state of New York!” 

Mark Ziobro
Mark Ziobro
Mark is the current Managing Editor for The Utica Phoenix, and a Central New York Native.

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