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Governor Hochul Announces New York City Subway Hit One Billion Rides This Year

Governor Kathy Hochul has made an announcement that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority achieved a significant milestone on November 14, 2023, by recording one billion trips on the New York City subway. The billionth person to utilize the subway was identified as Brian Jones, originating from Teaneck, New Jersey, who entered the subway system at 175 St A station at 10:54 a.m. This accomplishment occurred six weeks earlier compared to the previous year, when the subway surpassed one billion rides on December 27.

“We have made significant investments that have improved service and safety on the subway, attracting millions of riders to use the system each day.” “Reaching one billion rides much earlier than last year is evidence of our efforts, and I’m enthusiastic about continuously surpassing our ridership records every week.”  Governor Hochul said 

In 2023, there is a continuous increase in the number of people riding the subway. Last week, more than 23 million subway journeys were made, which is an eight percent rise compared to the same week in 2022.

“It is wonderful to witness an increasingly early achievement of yearly ridership milestones, which further demonstrates that customers are increasingly relying on the subway to reach their destinations. Riding the subway has become more convenient than ever with OMNY, and we are noticing a growing number of customers embracing this system. “MTA’s interim Head of Customer Services, Shanifah Rieara, stated,

We have made significant advancements in improving the speed, cleanliness, and safety of our services, which have resulted in a billion more subway rides taken this year compared to the previous year. I am excited to provide millions more rides before 2023 concludes.In recent statements, Richard Davey, President of New York City Transit, explained that

“This has been a bit like reacquainting myself with the subway. I recently started a new job in New York after working remotely for the past three years, so it was satisfying to come back and find that I can simply tap my debit card and walk through the turnstile. Coming from New Jersey, I can even grab a coffee upstairs in the terminal before heading to my meetings. The subway has always been a part of my daily routine, and it will continue to be. It’s wonderful to see these improvements as I continue my journey.” Brian Jones, the billionth person to ride the subway, stated, 

Jones was given an OMNY value card worth $100, an OMNY t-shirt, a glasses cleaner with a NYCT subway map design, and an OMNY button.

The OMNY fare-payment system of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) saw an increase in usage in 2023, with one billion taps recorded on July 26. The market share of OMNY for full-fare subway rides is now over 73 percent.

Customers are showing their satisfaction with OMNY, with a current satisfaction rate of 79 percent according to the Spring 2023 Customers Count Survey. Customers across all 472 subway stations and various bus routes, including 204 local bus routes and 31 express buses, have utilized OMNY. Additionally, OMNY has successfully processed bank cards from all 195 countries that issue them.

OMNY also provides assistance to Reduced-Fare customers who are prepared to utilize their smart device or contactless bank card for quick and easy transactions. These customers are urged to smoothly transition from MetroCards to OMNY online with the help of the available OMNY digital assistant, which can be accessed at any time on OMNY.info.

Riders are advised to remember to carry the specified personal belongings with them. Survey of Customers Count in Autumn 2023in surveys or feedback programs to give their opinions and suggestions. They can also express their thoughts through online reviews or by directly contacting the company. The goal is for customers to have a platform to share their thoughts and for their feedback to be considered by the company. 


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