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General Herkimer’s 5th Grade Boy’s Basketball Team Undefeated

By Theresa Mancuso

Have you ever heard the phrase “There’s no “I” in Team”? The boys of the 5th-grade basketball team (Dick Miller Basketball League), at the General Herkimer Elementary School, defines the understanding of the word by their hard work and determination.

Under the guidance of Coach Mike Fennimore, the team is now undefeated for their “2nd” straight season and just recently he & his team won 1st place in the Christmas tournament championship that was held in Utica, NY at the Parkway Recreational Center.

But winning is not everything when it comes to this team. The kids are truly enjoying themselves – learning strategies for healthy competition, all while having fun. The love for the game and willingness to work hard under the mentoring of their beloved coach shows at every game.

The Coach of General Herkimer 5th grade boys basketball team “Mike Fennimore” is a coach who has genuine love for all of his players. Whether receiving praises from parents of his team or other teams parents Mike is definitely recognized amongst the crowd for his hard work, dedication & love for the game of basketball & most importantly his kids.

So when you think of what a mentoring example should look like think of the dedication that Mike Fennimore offers his team. These boys have learned to support one another until the horn sounds in the last second of every game. Thank you, Coach Fennimore, and the boys of General Herkimer’s 5th grade basketball time for your time for all your hard work and dedication.


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