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Fair Haven May Fest

Main Points

  • Fairy and Gnome Parade@ 1 P.M. for anyone who wants to participate

  • May Pole Dance with music by Larry Kyle from Dam Dog (right after the parade)

  • Eco-friendly/environmentally conscious vendors in the park

  • Free bounce house

  • Free rock painting

  • Raffle to benefit the Sterling Nature Center

  • Reveal of multi-school district art contest where the winning artworks will be printed on reusable shopping bags that will be for sale

Fair Haven is excited for their May Fest on Sunday, May 19th. Held in the town’s main park, kids of all ages have participated by dressing up as fairies, gnomes and other woodland creatures marching in the parade and participating or watching the May Pole dance. There will be free rock painting, a free bounce house, and over 2 dozen eco-friendly vendors in the park. There will be a raffle consisting of many local businesses to benefit the Sterling Nature Center. This year is the first time where a multiple school district-wide art contest was held and the winners will be announced and have their art printed on reusable shopping bags that will be for sale.

The Fair Haven area’s businesses have also been invited to participate in May Fest by taking the May Fest challenge, which is to change one thing for one day to do something for the environment i.e. giving up straws, giving discounts for bringing in reusable bags, using organic items, etc.

There is a Facebook event page that anyone can interact with and ask questions regarding this event.

Fair Haven Chamber of Commerce

The Fair Haven Chamber of Commerce is proud to oversee the events that give Fair Haven the quaint, small-town feel where tourists and small-town dwellers feel welcome. The Chamber brings the local businesses together to help build prosperity and community It oversees the website


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