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Endorsement for Williamson, LoMedico and DiBrango

Dear Editor:

Utica’s voters are about to be given the opportunity to return to office three Councilpersons-At-Large in this November’s elections. I emphatically encourage my fellow residents to do so without question.

Over the past two years, much progress has been made by this council and the current administration.  Tremendous growth and activity is being realized, people’s perception of the city is changing, and an overwhelming amount of pride is returning to Uticans.  This is truly the work of the current leaders who care more about the city; not personal advancement, getting their faces on the news or as a stepping stone to future office. 

We are privileged to have Councilpeople Williamson, LoMedico and DiBrango representing us.  They are calm leaders with more of a desire to do well by us than to argue, fight, and complain like members who have served in the past.  We do not need those types of representatives returned to service; we need representatives who will truly have OUR best interests in mind and not their own.  Re-elect Councipeople Williamson, LoMedico and DiBrango for the betterment of ALL Uticans.



Lou Parrotta 


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