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Bi- Racial Proud & Gay – A POEM

by Natalie M. Williams May 2019

My Apologies to a Blacker, Stronger Mr. Jussie Smollett

Bi- Racial Proud & Gay – A POEM
Drag You Through the Mud
Claiming your Account ain’t true
Drawn & Quartered Every Time
Bamboozled – That’s What They Do !
These torturers delight in taking Down
you – me – us – who ?
Down, Down
Down, Down, Down
Down – A “Peg or Two”
For when we do prove equal – which is to say “better, than they”
Both you and I know there will be a certain “Hell to Pay”
Tarnished Reputations. Beaten, Broken Bodies Too
This ‘White Rage’ & That ‘Gay Bait’ Will Rain Down Upon You
Scapegoat, Target, Victim see
It Matters Not to them
They Hang You Up In Effigy,
Brought Nightmare Terrors Friend
Cut off at neck, chop down at knees. To them that would make sense.
For Else, How Could they Counter Your Quite Bold Magnificence?
To all their Pre Conceptions of What Manhood Could / Should Be
To Top it Off; Bi Racial? – Your the Living Sin, says He.
And so, they Threaten, Victimize – and Yes, you Did Fight Back
A Lynching, Burns – they Tried on You; a Coward, Racist Attack
Then, had the Nerve to Claim you Lied; no Evidence to Back

Demand Justice, Take No ‘Deal’s Now, the Media ‘attacks’
They Framed you with their Cameras; Cost you Money and Your Job
And Left you there, Played for a Fool I Note that You were Robbed.
And, like Tawana; Yours will be a ”Hoax Story” – for Now
to Get the Audience to Think “it’s Fake”; Report he Lied, Somehow…
‘Is it “Fake’”- to Know they’ve Robbed Us – of Hard Fought Liberties?
– like Voting Act; and Living Long; Impoverished such We Be…
From Slavery to these Modern days; throughout a History
Our Bodies; Heck – Our Very Lives Are Spent; with Miseries
And so we Flaunt, or Make our Case, and Educate the Rest
Renouncing that which would Confine, Abuse, Take one red cent
More Power to you Jussie. Talent They Can’t Take Away
Stand Proud; you did Survive it. Go and Live by What you Say
Outspoken, Fine, Singing his Songs Bi Racial, Proud & Gay !



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