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Assemblywoman Buttenschon recognizes July as Ice Cream Month, commends dairy farmers

  July 1, 2021 – Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon (D-Utica/Rome) held a press conference to celebrate this July as Ice Cream Month in New York State. Earlier this year, she authored and helped pass a resolution in the Assembly to designate July as Ice Cream Month and recognize the hard work of dairy farmers (K.259).

            “When we enjoy a delicious scoop of ice cream, it often goes without thinking where this beloved treat came from,” Buttenschon said. “Dairy farmers are responsible for bringing so many of the delicious products we love to our communities and went above and beyond during this pandemic to support families in need all while enduring their own financial struggles. After this difficult year, it’s only right that we take some time to not only celebrate this ultimate summer indulgence, but also the hardworking individuals who – literally – help bring it to the table.”

            The agriculture industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this fact, farmers across the state rallied together to help distribute thousands of gallons of milk to struggling families and continue to do everything they can to provide communities with the goods they need. Buttenschon’s resolution aims to honor the tireless efforts of farmers throughout this crisis and celebrate one of the many great products they help bring to the state. Many local dairy farmers attended Buttenschon’s press conference, where she announced the start of this celebration and highlighted the strenuous and invaluable service they provide.

            “I’d like to thank Assemblywoman Buttenschon for honoring dairy farmers today with this resolution,” Terri DiNitto, owner of DiNitto Farms, stated. “It’s been a difficult year and it showed how important dairy farmers are to keep food in the stores and on your tables! American agriculture matters!

“We are extremely fortunate and thankful that Assemblywoman Buttenschon recognizes the importance of agriculture to not only Oneida County but to the millions of people all over the world that farmers feed. Celebrating July as ice cream month in NYS is a fun and delicious way to accentuate agriculture and remind people to always thank our farmers,” Mary Beth McEwen, Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County, stated.

“Dairy is the number one industry in Oneida County. In bringing this resolution forward Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon has captured the public’s attention and has truly honored all Dairy Farmers in Oneida County,” Ben Simons, Chief Financial Officer of the Boonville Farmer’s Coop. stated. “We at Booville Farmer’s Cooperative, a group of 35 farmers in Central NY, produce roughly 9% of the cream that goes into ice cream. A fun fact- 7 million pounds of ice cream is consumed right here in Oneida County. So please thank a dairy farmer the next time you’re enjoy a refreshing ice cream.”

“It was an honor to host Assemblywoman Buttenschon today at Inside Scoop. Her continued devotion to our community, and more specifically, our farmers, is refreshing. We thank her for her leadership and support,” Jeremy Cingranelli, owner of Inside Scoop, stated. “The luxuries we enjoy daily, such as ice cream, wouldn’t be possible without our dairy farmers. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication. We hope everyone can reap the benefits of that hard work by enjoying Ice Cream month.”

Similarly to dairy farms, many ice cream manufacturers across the nation have been in business for more than five decades and are family-owned operations that need our support now more than ever. July is the busiest production month for ice cream makers, making this designation all the more fitting.[1] This July, I encourage everyone to show their appreciation for dairy farmers and give our small businesses the boost they need by cooling off with some scoops of their favorite flavor of ice cream, Buttenschon noted.


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