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A word from Brett Truett #NoHospitalDowntown

By Brett Truett

The way in which they orchestrated the community’s new hospital into downtown broke rules and laws.

It is a scam, a series of scams; a real estate scam, an economic development scam, and a scam on Utica’s healthcare. Politicians and MVHS are complicit and the media has been carried along.

No one needs to believe me. It’s unfolded right before our eyes. Anyone having time to gather and connect the hundreds of story-lines can see it. It’ll one day be a book, perhaps even a movie. Should MVHS survive and ignore the still-pending lawsuit, and build #mvhsdowntown, then the boondoggle will become additional proof.

The hospital and their co-defendants asked an Albany Supreme Court Judge to throw out our lawsuit 69 days ago, he has not. The SEQR process was highly flawed, but will a corrupt state allow it to be exposed? Time will tell. Until then I’ll keep doing what’s right, exposing the misdeeds of others.

Glad to sit and have a coffee. Promise to just sit and listen unless asked a question.


Brett Truett, Cofounder


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