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A Tale of Two Representatives

Dear Editor:

As a farmer and small business owner, I have reached out to both Claudia Tenney and Anthony Brindisi, with markedly different results.

When Republicans sought to undo the Affordable Care Act, I wrote to Congresswoman Tenney, asking that she please consider the needs of small, independent farmers. I told her the ACA helped us make ends meet. My words fell on deaf ears.

After COVID shut everything down and I realized our farm could not cover its bills, I reached out to Congressman Brindisi. I asked that he please consider the needs of small, independent farmers as they wrote emergency legislation.

To my complete surprise, Congressman Brindisi called my cell phone. He explained the programs that could be of help and answered all my questions. He had a member of his staff follow up. Lastly, he comforted me by being real: “This is going to take some work, but we’re here to help you get through this.”

Our representatives are in Washington to represent us. Claudia failed this very basic task. Anthony Brindisi has proven to me that he cares and has earned my vote.

Suzie Jones

Jones Family Farm, Herkimer



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