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Will the Covid-19 vaccine be given to NY children at school?

Will the Covid-19 vaccine be given to NY children at school?

Elizabeth Glass, a write-in candidate for NYS Senate in Manhattan’s District 27, has much to say about it.

She first points out that her opponent sponsored the repeal of the religious exemptions bill that took away parents right to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine for their child.


Her district Senate District 27 includes the East Village, Greenwich Village, Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Columbus Circle, Times Square, Midtown East, and the UWS.

Candidate Glass has posted comments about Cuomo’s “NYS COVID-19 Vaccination Program,” and how schools will be a “mass vaccination site,” also called MVS.

So, the answer is “yes,” children will get the COVID-19 vaccine at school.

How did this happen and how can we stop it?

In her own words candidate Elizabeth Glass explains.

“Let me start with a story of how I came into politics…before I decided to run for office, I found out that NYC children were receiving vaccines in school without parental knowledge or consent, and this gross violation of parental rights is why I decided to challenge my opponent, who is cosponsoring bills to make this practice legal.”

On April 15 NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said “it’s over when we have a vaccine…Anything we can do to work with the federal government to get the vaccine done faster, we are all in…We want to use New York as a laboratory. We are ready, willing, in any way.”

On March 3, the NYS Senate and Assembly passed the bill S7919 allowing Cuomo “to issue by executive order ANY DIRECTIVE NECESSARY to respond to…” COVID.

On September 16, the CDC published the “COVID-19 Vaccination Program Playbook,” describing how the vaccine would be administered in “congregate settings,” including schools, as well as school-based health centers.

According to candidate Glass “At a September 22 news conference, Cuomo acknowledged that most Americans DO NOT want the vaccine, but went on to describe detailed plans to administer two doses of the vaccine to every New Yorker, whether they want it or not.”

On October 17, Governor Cuomo announced NYS’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program” the plan to administer to COVID-19 vaccine to the entire population of New York.

School districts have already formally announced that a return to in-school learning cannot happen until there is a vaccine.

Candidate Glass emphasizes, “The MOST important thing S7919 gives Cuomo the power to do ANYTHING to deal with COVID.

Glass is grateful for community support of her campaign and reminds people that campaigns need funds as she attempts to reach the 200,000 voters in her district. She is quick to note that “no one person is going to save us or stop tyranny.”

EVERYONE must stand together,” she says, “for our children and say NO. We are Americans, we were born free, our children are NOT government property, and we must all – all of us – get out your bull horns, organize locally and stand down.”

“Your NYS Senators and Assembly members who voted to give Cuomo unlimited power are responsible for this tyranny, and they have the power to stop this. DEMAND DEMAND DEMAND they sponsor and pass a bill to end this once and for all.”

“Cuomo” she says, “is hiding from process servers like a common criminal, and he will be tried for his CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. One thing I noticed is that Cuomo mentioned ‘conspiracy theories’ in a recent news conference. New York taxpayers are paying for this experimental, liability-free, untested product to administered to children AT school for a virus that largely does not affect them by a leader who admitted to wanting to treat us like lab rats and befriended Bill Gates who is obsessed with population control. You do not have to wear a tinfoil hat to have concerns about this. How do we respond to this outrageous tyranny?”

To vote for Elizabeth Glass people must fill in the oval, and write Elizabeth Glass in right hand column of the ballot.

Her website is glassforsenate.com


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