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Fundraising to save one of Utica’s largest and most abundant community garden’s from being lost.

We are fundraising to save one of Utica’s largest and most abundant community garden’s from being lost.
Jay street community garden is supported by the 501c3 non for profit organization, For The Good Inc and is located on city property which is now very quickly going up for sale.
This garden has been running for 10 years and has 40 raised garden beds full of fertile soil and is filled each year with abundant vegetables through the hard work and passion of many community members. Beds are shared by garden participants and feeds both their families and other Jay street residents. Boxes full of produce are also regularly donated to the Rescue Mission and Hope House each summer. The city’s teenagers also learn about growing food and find in this garden through Utica’s Youth employment program along with the garden being a host to learning for other local youth groups and colleges.
The Jay street garden is currently in a time of growing interest and beauty with every bed cared for and increasing numbers of community members interested in gardening.
Unfortunately amidst this increased enthusiasm the City has made a decision to put the Jay street lots up for auction with little explanation or time for For The Good to gather funds to purchase it. The auction is this Thursday September 30th and we need to raise enough money by then to secure a winning bid. We think will need to fundraise $3000 to secure the garden.
Utica needs places like Jay street gardens to grow a healthier and more resilient city for all its residents. We are extremely grateful for any support you can offer and will keep you all updated in the cause.
Any extra funds, or if we receive funds but fail to secure the bid will go directly into supporting infrastructure and education initiatives in the Linwood community garden which is also run by For The Good . We have hope that with your help we can move past this obstacle and secure this land permanently for the Utica community to use into the future. A few photo’s from the Jay street garden and the Linwood Place garden are below. If you would like to see the garden it is located on Jay street in Utica between Mohawk Street and Hubbell. It’s big and beautiful and you can’t miss it! Visit our Go Fund Me page to make a donation.
October 1, 2021by Erin Corrigan, Organizer
Thank you so much everyone for your support! We’re overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of our community for supporting the continuationgarden and growth of community gardening in Utica.
We’ve surpassed our goal in just a few days of fundraising and the land purchase is now looking all set to move forward between the city of Utica and For The Good. The auction day has been moved by a couple if weeks but we have the funds now for a winning bid and city officials have said For The Good will be able to purchase the land smoothly.We will share another update when the purchase is final. Any extra funds will go towards repairing broken down fences and garden beds.

With gratitude and enthusiasm,
Erin Corrigan

Utica Phoenix Staff
Utica Phoenix Staff
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