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Landmarks Society of Greater Utica Publishes “Endangered Buildings List”


By: Dawn Leguerre

On January 14th, 2017, the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica (LSGU) partnered with LISC AmeriCorps members from the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank, for a day of service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Six Board Members from the LSGU, three AmeriCorps members, and one volunteer took advantage of the recently melted snow to clean up Rutger Park.  They picked up litter and fallen branches to spruce up our section of Rutger Street, filling several trash bags during the morning clean-up.Architect, Michael Lehman, has put together a list of 13 buildings and three sites that combine importance with the most pressing need for preservation.

This list includes:
NYS Barge Canal /Mohawk River scenic corridor (c.1908)
Three townhouses, (c.1850s)  400-444 Lafayette St.
Utica Turn Verein Hall, (c.1868) 509 Lafayette St.
Witzenberger Building, (c. 1870s) Columbia St near State St
Cathedral Church of the Theotokos of Great Grace  (c.1870-72) 1101 Howard Ave. at South St
For a complete list of endangered buildings, please visit   https://uticalandmarks.org/

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