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Editorial on Trump Presidency

By Roger Chambers


President Trump is the most unorthodox, corrupt, incompetent and dangerous President in modern times, if not our entire history. Inconsistency, self-aggrandizement and putting his personal, political and reelection interests above national interest are unacceptable traits in a President.

Personal and collective insulting attacks made during his campaign and as President against women, minorities, the disabled, journalists and the press, various advisors, Congress and the Supreme Court are all reprehensible coming from the office of the President.  He has undermined essential institutions including the FBI, the CIA, Department of Justice, and a free press.

Trashing the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration and various public health experts during the worst public health crisis of modern times is outrageous. Holding large rallies in Tulsa and South Dakota, and refusing to urge the use of face masks in public has increased the spread of the Coronavirus. As a result, thousands will needlessly die.

His opposition to mail-in voting cites thousands of cases of fraud that simply do not exist. Mail-in voting should be planned now to avoid large crowds at often limited polling sites forcing many to choose whether to vote or stay home due to health concerns.

His many lies (passing 20,000 according to the Washington Post), refusing to accept responsibility, and deflecting blame to others is very dangerous. Rather than making America great again, he has diminished the credibility and positive influence of the United States on the international stage.

That he is woefully ignorant and totally incapable of providing positive leadership has been thoroughly documented in many books and FACTUAL reports and articles in respected national press (including the NY Times, the Washington Post, PBS, NBC News, the New Yorker, and  Atlantic)

The book “The Room Where it Happened” by former National Security Advisor John Bolton, explains in great detail how Trump makes conflicting and confusing decisions in the Oval Office. He makes decisions on emotional whim, often contradicting what he has said a day or two before. He often ignores his advisors and frequently “throws under the bus” those who disagree with him. This all undermines a necessary public trust of the government.

In her book, “Too Much and Never Enough” the President’s niece, Mary Trump, a well-educated psychologist, states that he exhibits all nine criteria of narcissism as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. She provides examples over several decades of his lying, lack of empathy, bullying behavior and lack of integrity.  She states he has had far too many enablers for far too long, tacitly accepting this behavior by silence, often fearful of his bullying and personal attacks on their integrity or patriotism. The refusal of Senate Republicans to thoroughly investigate, with witnesses, the charges brought by the House of Representatives is a major example of this continued enabling behavior.

The House of Representatives should introduce and pass a resolution urging the Vice President, cabinet and other appropriate officials to seek his removal from office using provisions under the 25th Amendment. He has exhibited total incompetence in fulfilling his Presidential responsibilities. Instead of fulfilling his oath of supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States, he has made many statements and decisions that put his personal, political and re-election above the national interest. He has viciously, with an obvious ignorance of the Constitution and basic history, trashed the Constitution, necessary governmental institutions, and a free press.

Fasten your seat belts. We are in for a very rough ride during this election season. Delaying the election due to the pandemic, or calling it a fraud and refusing to concede if he loses will lead to a major constitutional crisis.  The transitional period of post-election to Presidential inauguration in January will likely be the most difficult period in our history since the Civil War, posing a very real threat to preserving our constitutionally based Democratic Republic.


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