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CNY woman opens store to better accommodate dogs

A Central New York woman recently opened a new dog shop in Cazenovia that gives canines the opportunity to browse, try what they like, and find something unique. The store was opened by Tammy Tanner who owns a 3-year-old Labradoodle named Liberty.

“Liberty and I have been inseparable,” said Tanner.

Tanner opened this store in December to honor her favorite pup. Liberty can’t speak, so Tammy handles the incoming customers.

However, this isn’t your typical doggy supply store. At Liberty’s Dog House, the dogs are free to roam, and go to what products they like.

“They are so much better without the leash, than being on the leash, when dogs and their owners are around. It’s nice to have them come in and walk around,” said Tanner.

Dogs and their owners can find everything from doggie toys to healthy treats.

“I just think it’s very unique that the owners and dogs can come into a store but it’s for both,” said Liberty’s Dog House Customer Letty Butterworth.

And just like us humans like a good happy hour every now and then, a dog deserves a good jerky based cigar or a cold one as well.

“This is Bowser Beer, and it’s actually bone broth. Just packaged in a beer bottle,” said Tanner.

The idea is to allow dogs to have some enjoyment while owners can find pet products made in the U.S. they won’t find in many other places. It may be something to wear or a toy.

“Chewy Vuitton and Jimmy Chew. Along with Humpy Trumpty, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump. So, your dog can come in and pick and choose, which one you’d like to see them tear up,” said Tanner.

It’s all in fun of course — and there is a goal for this dog focused shop to become a place the owners can relax with local beer as well.

“You know like Madison County if I could carry some of their liquor. And for us to have a tasting, as well as the dogs have their tasting,” Tanner said.

So, whether you’re a dog or a canine companion this may be one stop worth checking out and Liberty will be glad you did. Liberty’s Dog House is located at 59 Albany Street in Cazenovia. The store is open Tuesday through Sunday.


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