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Child Abuse Deaths Increased Among Black Children During The Pandemic

Featured in a recent national childcare report released on Friday, new studies highlight an increase in Black children who are more vulnerable to child abuse-related deaths, despite original reports that showed a significant drop in cases during the beginning of the pandemic.

Overall, this is a troubling find, as experts are now saying that “children were out of the public eye during the pandemic, and some cases likely weren’t reported until they became more severe, if at all.”

The recent findings were released in a 2020 Maltreatment report, which showcases information as to why Black children are more vulnerable to child abuse and parental neglect. The report discloses early findings from October 2019 to September 2020 that show how child protective services have been slammed, resulting in slower responses and a decrease in reports being investigated.

“Disparities that were present before the pandemic were intensified, and COVID-19 exposed gaps in our human services delivery system,” Aysha E. Schomburg, of the department’s Children’s Bureau, said in a statement.

As we continue to navigate an ongoing pandemic that has resulted in more families needing to stay at home, here are the facts at hand surrounding the nationwide disparity.


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