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Having a bad hair day? The winter weather may be

Are you having a bad hair day? Me too, and the winter weather may be to blame.

Since it turned colder, my hair has been extra hard to manage. The reason? I am calling out the dry, cold winter air!

What You Need To Know

  • Winter weather is the catalyst to hair issues
  • All hair types are susceptible to static, especially thin hair
  • Dry air inside and outside of your home is the cause
  • There are a few quick fixes that might come in handy!

Just like how nose bleeds are more common in the cold winter months because of the dry air, so is static hair! Dry air both inside and outside your home can dehydrate hair. This is especially true if you have thin or damaged hair.

When you expose your hair to the dry elements, it picks up a positive charge. This positive charge can create a crazy look on top of your head!

On top of that, any accessories you may wear on your head in the cold (hats, snow caps, scarves, etc.) only add to the problem! That’s because they add friction to the already static-y hair issue!

What to do about it

There are a few tips to help reduce the frizz and cling.

For starters, carry a drier sheet around with you. When your hair becomes full of static, take it out and rub it on your hair gently. This helps eliminate static (at least temporarily).

Oil for your hair is also a good option to get rid of some of the flyaways! Oil can help neutralize your hair’s positive charge while adding moisture!

If oil is not your thing, replacing a cotton pillowcase with a silk one may help. The slippery silk will help reduce friction in your hair.

I hope these tips help you make it through winter looking your best! I will be trying out these tips and tricks right along with you!

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