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Entrepreneurs find inspiration to create Run It To The Summit

The past year, many people feel like they’ve been running uphill during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others have pushed ahead to success in the societal shifts. Now, two small start-up New York businesses are celebrating that entrepreneurial spirit by teaming up to create a unique local running event, the inaugural “Run It To The Summit,” which will take place on August 1.

Jared and Lauren Burdick started Miles & Macros, a running and nutrition coaching business.

“We got into it because of the pandemic,” Lauren said. “We saw more people unable to go to the gym and starting to talk about running on Facebook and all social media platforms, asking questions and everything, and we were like ‘we could help people.’ ”

They’ve teamed up with Joe Dunaway’s Knifehand Nutrition to create a new and unique race with “Run it to the Summit.”

“Joe contacted me after I did an ultra [marathon] on the track this past winter,” said Jared, an elite runner that has a marathon time of 2 hours and 20 minutes. “I did 75 miles in 12 hours on the track. I immediately said yes and tried it out, and it was a good fit for what I wanted.”

Knifehand Nutrition is a plant-based clean eating meal delivery company created in Upstate New York. Dunaway says the pandemic revealed the market for his healthy meals.

“We found that athletes, people in the office and the big segment that’s growing right now is the on-the-go parent,” Joe said. “I have so many parents that have kids that have sports like myself, who kinda fit into all three categories.”

Healthy meals combine with the healthy habits from the Burdick’s Miles to Macros on August 1 at “Run It To The Summit.”

“It’s something for everyone,” Lauren said. “That’s what we tailored it for. It’s not your normal 5K or half marathon where you’re pounding on the pavement, but something for runners, walkers, hikers, CrossFitters, whatever your personal or physical race.”

For more information, and to sign up for “Run It To The Summit,” click here.



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