Broadway Utica

Dec 23rd Eminent Domain Downtown Hospital Comment

Curious about eminent domain and recent moves by government to seize private property in Utica? If so, you are invited to join Oneida County’s FREE public hearing... ****This Wednesday, December 23rd, at 6PM**** It’s easy! You’ll...

Groundskeeper Develops Cancer after using Monsanto weed killer ‘Roundup’

By Pete Bianco Probably by now you have heard the recent news story that media outlets across the globe lit up on Friday, August 10, 2018, when a jury unanimously decided Monsanto was guilty of...

Stand with nurses opposing mandates. This Sunday at St Luke’s

So many maternity unit workers have resigned over COVID vaccine mandates that Lewis County General Hospital will stop delivering babies. People will be gathering to demand that Albany repeal the mandates before we lose any more of our highly skilled nurses who have been...